Biography: Neil Fogarty is an international speaker, business writer, blogger, advisor and facilitator, operating on four continents.

Hi there – I’m Neil Fogarty: international speaker, business writer, Executive Coach, advisor and facilitator, operating on four continents. I am widely consulted on issues around future business, leadership, intrapreneurship, and organisational health topics such as communications, collaboration, cohesion and performance.

As Managing Director of the international business consultancy, Eskil, my first book was published in 2008 and I now have a collection of publications to my name on such topics as entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and leadership.

My business observations can be found on my blog page, the Eskil News page as well as on featured publications Virgin, Business In Gulf Magazine and LinkedIn.

Based in the UK, I have steadily built my experiences with an international view – working in such diverse locations as Croatia, Uganda, Puerto Rico, and Barbados as well as a great deal of work in the Middle East.

A visiting lecturer in both entrepreneurship and leadership with ESLSCA Business School, I am a Principal Practitioner Member and regional coordinator of the Association for Business Psychology, a member of the International Association of Facilitators as well as a Certified and Master Practitioner in Emotional Capability.

Neil Fogarty Speaker Reel (Matt Reynolds version) from Eskil on Vimeo.

Who I work with…

I work with key individuals in such areas as tailored learning interventions, critical friendship, performance intervention and turnaround, and mentoring. Often, these people are either working in the boardroom or have been identified by board members as being a key person to support and develop.

I work with people in groups who have some common interest, goal or problem that they need to collaboratively address. This includes boardrooms, leadership teams, management teams and work teams, regardless of sector or size. Through a key partnership, I also provide access to high impact team development days and retreats.

I have a particular interest in working with the public sector / non-profit and work locally, nationally, internationally and online, from my UK base in Warwick.

The majority of engagements that I take on are where this is a need for communications, collaboration and consensus. As the honest broker, my role is to make your discussions easier – facilitating problem solving, decision making, strategic profiling and more.

Through an international network of facilitators, I can provide access to highly experienced bi-lingual people with sector and functional expertise.

Sample assignments include:

  • Design of a full entrepreneurship model for an African Federal Government
  • Conflict resolution in the Middle East
  • Facilitation of the development of a CSR Commitment for an organisation within the Norwegian Military including follow-on activities authoring CSR policy documents and management briefing sessions
  • Training and mentoring the head of IT in the Paris office of a global pharmaceutical organisation as she sought to develop her brand and that of IT within the business
  • Intervention and turnaround of a key local government manager that had ‘hit the wall’ and needed to refocus their career and re-engage with colleagues throughout the organisation
  • Interviewing of benefits claimants as part of a soft-test for customer-centered public services that went on to support the development of a ‘customer portal’ for residents in a London Borough
  • The build of an intrapreneur framework in UK local government incorporating training, facilitation and mentoring
  • Definition of mission and values for UK local government
  • Introduction of commercial thinking practices to a UK charity
  • Definition of values for a newly-merged customer services team (bringing 3 organisations together)


To speak with Neil Fogarty about your corporate ambitions:

Telephone: +44.1926.497.211