Neil Fogarty is an advisor, executive coach, team coach and mentor.As a facilitator, writer and business speaker, I am widely consulted on issues around future business, leadership, intrapreneurship, and organisational health topics such as collaboration, cohesion and performance.

To enable this level of activity, I am also CEO of the international boardroom development company, Eskil with partners in The Caribbean, Africa, Central Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Eskil works with board members (chair, CEO / MD, board directors, non executives) as they address a variety of aspects confronting an enterprise.  Invariably, we are retained with them as a stakeholder to carry out a variety of engagements.

As an advisor, I have been involved in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, business growth and leadership since 1996 and build strategy-driven solutions blending mentoring, training and consultancy in order to deliver the right results.

Eskil’s global network of bilingual facilitators deliver the Eskil® PGCE™ model including director-assigned projects, guidance, consultancy and education.

Sample PGCE activities that I have delivered include:


  • design & build of a $1bn training solution to educate 1 million people in Africa
  • conflict resolution in the Middle East
  • design & build of intrapreneurship ecosystems in the UK


  • work with startup leaders in the development of their business model canvas
  • facilitating of business hack events to identify opportunities for innovation
  • critical friendship to CEOs and board directors
  • mentor-led intervention & turnaround of at-risk employees


  • quick-hit business growth activities for plateaued sales teams
  • intervention & turnaround of sales teams
  • articulation of corporate values
  • definition of vision, values and corporate social responsibility commitment
  • authoring of CSR policies


  • facilitating strategic sale days for sales teams to plan the conversion of large complex sales
  • design & delivery of over 90 different corporate workshops
  • delivery of business workshops to over in 10,000 learners in ten different countries
  • development of blended learning solutions


Speak with Neil Fogarty about your corporate ambitions:

Call: +44.1527.852.405
Cell: +44.7592.350.945