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Whilst we should be looking to leaders for the strategic view (and to lead us on the right path in a consistent, clear and balanced fashion), we should also be working ‘bottom up’.  The condition / recondition approach is based upon tailored learning interventions.  

International Facilitator Neil Fogarty uses the RTPC approach to condition : recondition - tailored learning for key business people in UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and USA

Condition / recondition is a tailored learning intervention for when you have identified key people to transition into a new space (skill, mindset, etc.).  For example, you may have someone who is being promoted into the role of ‘Director’.  They may have the technical skills to be a Director, but what about their psychology?

Another aspect is when key individuals (for whatever reason) start to plateau or even decline.  In some cases, this is due to burn-out whilst in other situations it is just a call for re-energising, re-focusing and re-motivating.

Resistance to change can be a common issue as long-established individuals would benefit from a tailored learning intervention.

A blend of focused discussion, coaching, mentoring and reflection, the output / outcome is an individual (or team) that has gone to a new level.

These interventions comprise an RPTC approach (receive, process, transmit, commit).

Receive – how do we receive information into our brain – do we actively listen and how do we like to receive our information?

Process – what does our internal map of the world look like?  In terms of reviewing chains relating to a specific emotion (gestalt), what causes our prejudices, views, beliefs, morals, values, etc.?

Transmit – how do we communicate back to others?  What words and actions do we have that ‘leaks’ to other people?  Are we building rapport and, in turn, constructive relationships?

Commit – our thoughts inform our words and our actions – what behaviours are we demonstrating and how can we commit to change?





As well as using individual and 360-degree assessments, the 100-day engagement is based around offsite 1-1 discussions looking at the past, present, and future of the individual.

The ten sessions are 90-120 minutes each and there are small projects for the individual to go away and reflect upon.

As some of the conversations become more reflective and philosophical we also explore the morals, values, and ethics of the individual – what underpins their thought processes?

Issues addressed in the 100 days include:

  • Individual Performance (e.g. motivation, focus, re-energise, behaviour)
  • Sales Effectiveness (from hitting targets through to effective sales management & leadership)
  • Management Capability (including step-up into management)
  • Leader Capability (including step-up into leadership)
  • Development of a key skill (e.g. critical thinking, strategy, stakeholder engagement, etc.)
  • Developing management and leadership skills among subject matter experts;
  • Conflict Resolution; and
  • Guiding key individuals through times of major transformation

Sales Excellence

UK Facilitator Neil Fogarty worked with sales professionals within Tribal Group as a condition : recondition moving them into a proactive, collaborative sales environment

As someone who helps guide and develop salespeople in the world of New Business Development, Neil is equally fanatical about effective account management. His approaches are proven and effective and have been applied in numerous environments including his work with Tribal – a global professional services company. Having known Neil for 15 months, his coaching and mentoring style has been particularly useful in assisting me in strengthening relationships with existing and new clients – and seeing him apply his knowledge in a hands-on manners means that I have learnt a lot from him during the time I have known him and plan on learning a whole lot more!

James Brennan
Tribal Group Plc

Reflective Thinking

After only one session with Neil I came away feeling more focused and confident than I had in a while. He gave me some great ideas, a bit of constructive provocation and the beginnings of my career plan for the next five years. He’s already been as good as his word and hooked me up with a potential mentor and has shown great integrity. Neil seems pretty unique in that he doesn’t seem to be out for himself but rather the betterment of local government. A big thumbs up from me.

Hayley Lewis
HALO Psychology

Culture Shift

UK Facilitator Neil Fogarty worked with sales professionals within Tribal Group as a condition : recondition moving them into a proactive, collaborative sales environment

The interim health market is a relatively new area of business for us, and in the absence of a Health Business Development Manager, Neil has been absolutely instrumental in providing me with support and guidance as to how I can build our health offering. This has resulted in the establishment of solid and trusted relationships both internally within Tribal and externally with our associates, interims and clients. Neil’s introduction of 1:1 mentoring and coaching sessions are a testament to his 100% dedication to developing and supporting his team. Neil’s approach is very much “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. His empathic nature and his ability to bring a fresh perspective enables you to refocus on the task at hand and to derive key actions to achieve your goals. Without a shadow of a doubt, Neil is a huge asset to us and to anyone looking for an energetic and enthusiastic personality to develop, mentor or coach their business team.

Rochelle Ireland
Tribal Group

Condition : Recondition

UK Facilitator Neil Fogarty worked with key individuals in Cherwell District Council's Transformation team to condition : recondition as they stepped into a commercial mindset

Being mentored by Neil is not always comfortable but the challenges posed are always focused on exposing the underlying currents that constrain or inhibit positive action. There is no room to either hide or procrastinate so whilst I whole heartily endorse Neil as an effective business mentor, beware, he will challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone.

Jonathan MacWilliam
Cherwell District Council

100-day tailored learning - the outcome

In a completely confidential environment, we will have explored and reinforced individual transformation as we reflect upon how we are perceived by others; how we perceive them; how we communicate; what goes on in our heads as we send and receive information; the (positive & negative) impact of our communication; and what we will do as a way forward.

At the end of the 100 days, we then speak once a week for 4 more weeks (phone, Skype, Signal, WhatsApp, etc.) to see if the new actions have been incorporated into the 'new them'.

A follow-up session is then booked in for 6 months after the first (baseline) session to track the progress with the individual and key stakeholders .

This program is also applicable to teams e.g. Conflict Resolution, Team Cohesion, Employee Engagement, etc.


To speak with Neil Fogarty about tailored learning & development:

Call: +44.1527.852.405
Cell: +44.7592.350.945