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Whether I am retained as an Executive Coach, mentor or involved in individual performance intervention, I see that everyone has leadership capabilities.  I use skills in business psychology (specifically, Emotional Intelligence) as a way to facilitate progression into a new state.

When you look at leadership traits, you can see how everyone has the same elements and it just depends on how mature each element is.  For example, we all have the ability to build rapport – it’s just that some people have it as a signature strength whilst others are in the earlier developmental stage.

Underpinning any and all of your capabilities are your values, morals and ethics.

As you can see, every person throughout your organisation is different inasmuch as their leadership traits and their own mix of values, morals and ethics interact with the five contributors to your personality (Openness & Curiosity; Conscientious & Organised; Extraversion & Introversion; Agreeable vs Disagreeable; and Neuroticism (anxiety & depression, stability & contentment)).

This makes every engagement with individuals and teams to be different with a myriad of possibilities.  Depending on the initial consultation, there is an opportunity to retain me as an executive coach, a mentor or a critical friend. 

I see the modern workforce having to effectively engage with a complex and shifting environment: rising costs; diminishing budgets; increasing customer / stakeholder expectations.  Add to this market disruption, streamlined workforces, and the work : life imbalance.  People with leadership traits seek out a trusted individual to challenge and support their thinking.

For all the investment into management & leadership development, the pressures are increasing.  With an emphasis on the psychology of the leader, I work with your key people to create their own Executive Development Pathway – using recognised assessment and feedback mechanisms to identify areas of strength as well as opportunities for transformation.


Why engage a Critical Friend?

The behaviours, interactions, and outcomes are all dependent upon the psychology of the person: your thoughts, beliefs, attitude and mindset all serve to inform these external activities.

Whilst there are many ‘hard’ skills to explore (e.g. the technical knowledge required to succeed in post), the softer elements of what makes a leader a leader can sometimes be ignored.

The critical friend has a commitment to ensured that the integrated psychology of the leader is in place with a structured approach to success – and this calls for push-back as we seek out the very best from the leader before supporting the new way forward.

With over twenty years’ experience as a director in startup, SME and Plc environments, I have worked with public and private sector (current and aspiring) leaders in:

  • developing the leadership skills of high-potential individuals;
  • supporting newly-promoted managers in their first 100 days;
  • developing management and leadership skills among subject matter experts;
  • intervention and correction of behavioral problems;
  • helping leaders to resolve interpersonal conflicts among employees; and
  • guiding managers and leaders through times of major transformation

A great way to engage me is through the 100-day condition:recondition program.


To discuss facilitation, executive coaching, advice and critical friendship with Neil:

Call: +44.1527.852.405
Cell: +44.7592.350.945