I have started to set out my various experiences as a facilitator in case studies as well as in the form of blogs, articles and my storytelling speeches.

One of the most impactful sessions that I facilitated was with an organisation within the Norwegian Military specialising in maintenance, repair and overhaul of equipment for the Norwegian Armed Forces as well as the private sector.

Neil Fogarty is a facilitator, speaker, mentor working with multinational organisations in the development of a strong CSR commitmentI was invited to Geneva to meet the two key stakeholders of the organisation – the CEO and the General Manager – where we worked flexibly over a 4-day period (late start on Monday, early finish on Thursday) with the specific output of a CSR Commitment.

At the end of each day, I reviewed all notes and then modified the workshop for the next day as we ended up redefining mission, values, and the CSR commitment.

During the sessions, we explored communications, stakeholder engagement, and the positioning of CSR between Values and the Quality Management Systems.


Facilitation of CSR Commitment from Eskil on Vimeo.

Facilitating your CSR Commitment

By the end of our session, we had determined a clear view of what CSR is; the benefits of it; what factors impact upon it; and how it supports the corporate commitment to business ethics.

We revisited their current value statements and re-worked them based on a reflection of what the organisation does rather than aspires to.

Finally, we built the CSR Matrix – a matrix of proposed CSR actions, set out by environmental, social and economic aspects, (accepting that there are overlaps). The leadership team plotted current and possible CSR activities, processes, products and impacts on the matrix, cross-referencing them against the firm’s current activities and structure to see how well they fit.

I have facilitated in excess of 300 interventions and I have chosen this one as the first to refer to as it a) one of the most satisfying in terms of client engagement and happiness b) it was a topic that I enjoyed exploring in order to help the client and c) I was invited to work with the client beyond the workshop and into other aspects of the topic (e.g. policy writing and management briefing).

In my experience, a genuine interest and enthusiasm in the topic is essential for facilitation – the skills of a facilitator can transfer into the majority of interventions but people aren’t stupid: if the facilitator isn’t into it… everyone knows.


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Facilitation of CSR Commitment