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When the business world seems to be full of leadership development, is there a need for a facilitative leader programme?

Facilitative Leadership is a challenge as it breaks down classic authoritarian hierarchy.  There’s a call for leaders to admit that they don’t know the answer; that they should open up discussions to a wider group of people; and that they need to build psychological safety.  The modern workplace calls for a more informed style of leadership.” 

(source: “Leader Language: LLQi”).

The Facilitative Leader Programme is built upon a foundation of Leader Language that incorporates person-centred leadership and facilitation.

Target Audience

  • Board members
  • Members of your senior leadership team and senior management team
  • Team leaders and their members as they look to build a more Agile and democratised way of working
Facilitative Leader Programme - 6 month leadership development of person-centred leadership & facilitation, exploring psychology, communications & behaviour

Designing Your Facilitative Leader Programme

In partnership with you, we design and build the most appropriate programme to run over a 6-month period. The programme includes:

  • 360-degree psychology assessment
  • Shadowing
  • Leader Language assessment
  • Facilitated training
  • Development of Facilitative Leader roadmap including Leader Language LLQi® 
  • Individual & Collective critical friendship sessions

This is a 120-day programme that builds both hard- and soft-skills for people interested in facilitative leadership.

Development UnitDetails
Module 1Principles of facilitative leadership
Module 2Leader Language : LLQi®
Module 3Psychology of facilitative leadership
Module 4The code of conduct and ethics of a facilitative leader
Module 5The framework for psychological safety
Module 6Exploring your LLQi : peer reviews and critique
Module 7 Difficult Discussions : managing internal and external conflict

Each module includes:

  • Pre-Wiring where the participant outlines their understanding and experience in the module and a specific work-based issue to ‘carry’ into the session
  • Offsite training with lunch & refreshments
  • 1:1 Critical Friendship

The in-house leadership development programme includes shadowing of the participants as we track their daily application of new skills.  Each participant also receives their own psychology profile and coaching plan.


Rosa Rosanelli attended a Compliance Conference in Norway where Neil Fogarty facilitated sessions for managers on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Neil made a thought provoking presentation at the Compliance conference AIM Norway organized in Farris Bad. Not only it was excellent, but it was almost as if it was not a presentation but a real conversation. It left me enthusiastic about the discussions it brought up.

Rosa Rosanelli
Pratt & Whitney

Leadership Team Workshop

UK Facilitator Neil Fogarty worked with Marina Mesaric Radojcin in the design and delivery of a leadership team workshop in Zagreb, Croatia, 2018

It is not an easy task to facilitate a short workshop and to meet clients desires while creating the environment for insight gathering. It requires great knowledge and skills to pin-point those specific needs. And when you get all that you wanted, even more for some, with loads of fun, then you have to thank Mr Neil Fogarty for delivering The Workshop.

Marina Mesaric Radojcin

Condition : Recondition

UK Facilitator Neil Fogarty worked with key individuals in Cherwell District Council's Transformation team to condition : recondition as they stepped into a commercial mindset

Being mentored by Neil is not always comfortable but the challenges posed are always focused on exposing the underlying currents that constrain or inhibit positive action. There is no room to either hide or procrastinate so whilst I whole heartily endorse Neil as an effective business mentor, beware, he will challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone.

Jonathan MacWilliam
Cherwell District Council

Management Development

As Director of Community Services at Chelmsford City Council, Averil Price retained Facilitator Neil Fogarty as part of a management development programme

I commissioned Neil to design and lead intrapreneurship and commercialism training for senior and middle managers at Chelmsford City Council. The sessions were meticulously planned, tailored expertly to our needs and brilliantly delivered. Neil brings a refreshingly different approach, he is motivational, inspirational and engages expertly with different learning styles. He comes very highly recommended.

Averil Price
Chelmsford City Council

Management Programme

Ivana Jovic is Executive Director at Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ) where she attended part of a management programme facilitated by Neil Fogarty

I was totally prepared to just another boring session … 30 minutes of role-playing … another 45 minutes of deliberating which shade of red actually I am … and so on … and eventually 5pm will approach soon enough. But from the first introductory minutes Mr Neil Fogarty successfully got my attention and kept it alive till the end of the day. I have got my fair share of various workshops, but not many of them were as vivid as this one and not many of them gave me another perspective to old issues. A day was too short at the end … loads of fun successfully delivered new insights! Thanks Neil!

Ivana Jovic
PBZ, Croatia

Ready for a facilitative leader programme?

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