Neil Fogarty is a mentor, coach, speaker, advisor and facilitator. He works in Middle East, Europe, UK, Africa and the Americas on such topics as leadership, collaboration, communications, and the power of a positive mindset.

As a facilitator, I often talk about the importance of ‘Getting To No’ in terms of innovation & intrapreneurship (if people aren’t pushing back, then you aren’t at their boundary yet). Similarly, I talk about getting yes – embracing a positive mindset in order to open doors to new opportunities.

Whilst there is a fantastic book about principled negotiation called ‘Getting To Yes’, I am focusing more on being willing to say yes to pretty much anything (legal) before saying no.

If we say ‘no’ to something to early, you will never really have a chance to revisit it in the future. By saying ‘yes’ to an idea, you can always say ‘no’ later on.

Saying ‘yes’ has taken me to different parts of the world, meeting new people, writing books, blogging for Virgin and 101 other things that may, in the future, take me down roads that I haven’t even considered.


Get yourself to yes – opening your mindset up to new opportunities from Eskil on Vimeo.


Don’t be frightened to open your mindset up to new possibilities.


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