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It’s been a busy old time – spending more time in aeroplanes than cars or trains seems to be becoming the rule rather than the exception – now that we’ve signed partnership papers to take Spark into The Gulf, this will mean a lot more time in Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia as we bring our socio-economic development models to the region.

To officially launch the partnership, we headed out to Qatar’s Gulf Economic Forum at the Sheraton and it was pretty enlightening.  I guess my assumption has been that the austerity measures hitting the UK are a very British problem and that other parts of the world are progressing as normal.

Some of the key messages from the forum included:

  • “the collapse of the oil price is focusing the mind”
  • “the GCC economy cannot succeed without public-private partnerships”
  • “the diversification of our economy is based on how we learn”
  • “there is a lack of follow-through from the chambers of commerce across the GCC”
  • “the private sector is suffering as academic outcomes do not deliver appropriately skilled employees”
  • “it is the private sector’s fault that the public and private sectors aren’t working together”
  • “there is a need to develop a training center for The GCC”
  • “we need to move this from talking to implementation”
  • “the unified GCC economy is the largest in the world”

To be honest, it all led nicely into our speech regarding the development of an integrated solution for The GCC that addressed nationalisation (employability, continuous professional & personal development, enterprise), collaborative working, and social value.









Our models have been developed for a European market but we find a more willing audience over 4,000 miles away from home… which in some ways probably sums up the UK at the moment!

Who knows… maybe one day the UK public sector will find whatever catalyst it is that will get them moving forward rather than consistently blaming other people / circumstances… but until then, there’s a whole enlightened world out there!

The next blog will be about some of the programmes that I have outlined in the region – just so you get a flavour of where the new partnership, Capacitee, is coming from.

Contact Neil if you are considering developing socio-economic models within your federal / central or local government.

Global Economic Forum 2015