A reflection on the strength of an accomplished facilitator : the ones who can handle difficult situations – for example, having a skill in managing the Croatian Silence. Facilitation is about making it easy for the people in the room to go on a journey – but, like any journey, there are bumps in the road, diversions and jams.

As a speaker, critical friend and Facilitator, I am keen that the people in the room understand what I am trying to communicate and, if I am failing at that, what can I do to improve my skills? Difficult situations arise for all kinds of reasons and it is our job to make sure that we roll with the punches, see any deviation as an opportunity, and succeed in taking people in that journey of discovery.


Day two of the great British heatwave (2018) – faciliator thoughts from Eskil on Vimeo.


Every deviation from the ‘script’ is an opportunity to tune your message to the audience in front of you.


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Managing The Croatian Silence