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Neil Fogarty is co-founder of Skunq – an AI company with a focus on psychology, communications and behaviour to provide prescriptive data & human analytics

Neil Fogarty is co-founder of Skunq – an AI company with a focus on psychology, communications and behaviour to provide prescriptive data & human analytics.

Skunq is the exclusive licensee of the Human Cognitive Framework Human Space and also Human Skill - an AI coach, counsellor and mentor
Human Space, Human Skill

Our technology is founded on cognitive science. Skunq can not only capture complex data but transform it into narratives that everyone in the business understands.

Our cognitive framework has a strong element of Natural Language Processing (NLP). We are using computers to mimic human cognitive processes. The cognitive framework helps us to work in the same way as human cognition. The framework gives us the ability to imply and infer from partial data and weak signals.

Human Space, Human Skill

Such organisations as Vitality Insurance estimates that unaddressed psychological stress is costing the UK economy £42 billion per year. We estimate that our first product, the AI Therapist, has a 30% impact.

Human Skill:

  • Available to all users 24/7/365
  • AI solutions that meaningful conversations with users
  • Uses artificial intelligence to automate the therapeutic process which can make it far more available and affordable to a wider range of users
  • The technology can be used frictionlessly across a wide variety of user interaction devices including phones, tablets, smart home assistants and any web enabled device in the Internet of Things
  • Users can interact using text or voice through a variety of messaging processes (from our research, the most popular configuration will be voice interaction through a smart home assistant such as Alexa)
  • Our unique AI technology has been developed from leading edge theoretical research in human cognition and device interaction
  • Rather than just answering generic questions posed by a user, the IA Coach uses a structured conversation process to ask the user questions in the manner of a friend, coach or therapist
  • Tests and research show that a conversational process enables the user to interactively control their environment
  • A user with a sense of autonomy and more independence in their life, requires less external assistance and support resources

Human Skill is not just a one-off experience to try and make a specific choice or control a particular variable. The conversation that a user engages in rapidly becomes a self-authored narrative that powerfully connects the user with the bigger story of a more positive and healthy future, where they can choose who they can become and make the most of potential opportunities

Human Space, Human Skill

Human Skill – Our Use Cases

Here are the first deployments that we are forming:

  • Continual Coach, Counsellor, Therapist to corporations
  • Wellbeing / Health Management

Speak with us about how artificial intelligence can help your organisation to flourish.

email: hello@skunq.co
telephone: +44 (0)20 3858 9660
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