The ‘Moving Forward Together’ event was held between Dudley Council and Dudley Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) in February 2016 in Brierley Hill.

Entitled “Love Your Community”, the event looked at the progress made so far in addressing jointly the challenges faced by the council and the voluntary and community sector. Neil was commissioned to deliver workshops based around ‘public sector innovation’.

The issue is this: local government needs to innovate and this calls for a culture shift. There is an ideological discussion in play: how does an organisation focused on public service develop ‘commercial thinking’? The workshops introduced the principles of Design Thinking and Social ROI as well as a quick-hit exercise in monetising a council asset identified for closure (e.g. a library). Following on from this were discussions about stakeholder communications and community engagement.

It’s clear that there is an increasing interest in commercial awareness and innovation in heavily regulated industries (e.g. government, banking, energy, etc.) – but how to manage the culture shift necessary to ensure success?

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