Neil Fogarty is a writer, blogger and executive coach.As a writer, my articles have been published as far afield as Bahrain, Egypt and Puerto Rico whilst I also blog widely on such topics as business psychology, leadership and intrapreneurship.

My first publication as a writer, “Kill Your Salesman” was a book about employee engagement, intrapreneurship and how they correlate to business growth.

In 2017, I began to re-boot it as “Life After Noodles” and is due for publication in September 2018.

My second book, “No More Noodles” is about startups and enterprise (originally published in 2012 and now being updated for a second run also in September 2018).

The third book is currently in draft and focuses on the discipline of corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) and how to build a business structure that supports it. The book introduces the concepts of intrapreneur ecosystems and the use of emotional intelligence to identify and nurture corporate catalysts.

I have been writing articles for Bahrain’s Business in Gulf magazine since 2014 with almost a dozen items being published on such topics as Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, the glass ceiling and more.


VirginI am a blogger and contributor to various articles with Virgin covering entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and leadership.

I also write blogs, papers and special reports for Eskil.



To speak with Neil about briefing your teams:

Telephone: +44.1926.497.211